Why A Regular Oil Change Is Necessary in Pflugerville

Pflugerville oil changeEvery car owner knows oil changes should be completed regularly, but how important are they? A routine oil change in Pflugerville is a vital element for proper vehicle maintenance because it will greatly impact engine longevity. Neglecting to visit an auto maintenance shop when you’re due for an oil change can result in cost-prohibitive repairs. Consider these important reasons why you should change your oil at regular intervals.

Filter Life

Oil filters are designed to keep contaminants from pumping through your engine. As with any filter, car filters eventually become overly saturated and cease to function properly. Neglecting oil changes can often cause filters to disintegrate and unable to filter out debris.

Engine Performance

The engine in your car has a lot more moving parts than you probably realize. These metal components move constantly within the engine to provide top performance. Without regular oil changes, oil that is old or stale will be less effective at keeping these parts properly lubricated, resulting in reduced performance over time.

Metal Shavings

Without the protective coating of clean oil that an oil change provides, certain engine parts will begin to rub against other components. This causes dangerous metal shavings to break off into the oil and then throughout your car as it runs. Eventually, this can cause premature damage that requires labor-intensive auto repairs.

Need an Oil Change in Pflugerville?

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