Seasonal Auto Maintenance in Pflugerville

seasonal maintenance

Do you need to schedule professional seasonal auto maintenance services for your car or truck in Pflugerville, Texas? Routine auto maintenance can drastically increase the overall lifespan of your vehicle and can often prevent the need for expensive auto repair. Because even minor temperature fluctuations have an impact, it’s important to schedule some services with a professional every season. Summers and winters, in particular, can be hard on vehicles of all makes and models. To keep your car or truck running more efficiently, be sure to schedule the following seasonal maintenance.

Fluid Change and Top-Off

One of the most important seasonal auto maintenance tasks you should have completed is a fluid check, change and top-off. Liquids evaporate when exposed to heat. Ask your auto shop technician to take a look at your vehicle’s oil, transmission and brake fluids, among others.

Tire Inspection

Tires don’t last forever. The tread wears down over time and can make driving more difficult in poor weather conditions. Have a professional inspect and replace tires as needed, especially in the winter.

Battery Voltage Check

A dead battery can leave you stranded suddenly. Prevent situations like this by asking your auto technician to perform a voltage check during routine seasonal auto maintenance. 

Need to Schedule Seasonal Auto Maintenance in Pflugerville?

Do you need to schedule seasonal auto maintenance in Pflugerville? Now that you know which services are most important, it’s time to speak with a professional. Contact Japanese Motorsports in Round Rock to schedule a risk-free consultation today! We’ve served the Pflugerville area for years. Our highly-trained technicians always provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to keep your vehicle running strong. Our shop also offers Japanese auto services, fleet maintenance and other foreign vehicle repair

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