Winter Tire Care Tips in Georgetown

winter tire care, winter tire maintenanceWinter is here! Is your car or truck ready for decreased temperatures and inclement weather? Cold climates are rough on vehicles in general, but a particular area of concern should be your vehicle’s tires. As part of your winter auto maintenance plan, make sure you ask your auto service center to check your auto tires in Georgetown. These winter tire care tips can help you prepare for safe traveling this season!

Visual Inspections are Important

As winter approaches, you should visually inspect each of your tires. In fact, plan to give your tires a once-over each month. Pay particular attention so you’ll notice areas with cracks or decreased tire tread. If you notice these issues, take your vehicle to an auto technician right away.

There Are Different Kinds of Tires

There are several different types of auto tires. During this colder season, it’s best to use winter tires. While all-season tires are generally good throughout the spring, summer, and fall, they do not have the traction necessary to drive safely on snow and ice.

You Can Check Your Tire Pressure Anytime

While many vehicles notify drivers when a tire has low pressure, some do not. It’s important to check your pressure regularly, especially on cold days, because a decrease can make it more difficult to drive. Stop by an auto repair shop for assistance if one of your tires needs more air.

Need Expert Winter Tire Care in Georgetown?

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