What You Need to Know About Tire Maintenance in Jollyville

tire maintenanceHow much do you know about your vehicle’s tires in Jollyville, Texas? Tire maintenance is an important part of proper auto care, but many drivers ignore it until a problem develops. Doing this may put you at risk, whereas good tire maintenance will keep you safer and help your vehicle perform better. Stay up-to-date with your auto maintenance by keeping the following tire facts in mind as you drive in Jollyville.

Changes in Temperature Impact Air Pressure

Have you ever had your tire pressure warning light activate while driving? Whether you took your vehicle to an auto service center for auto maintenance or you simply stopped to add more air, it’s important to understand that driving impacts tire pressure, as does the weather. In fact, a shift of only 10 degrees will impact your tires.

You Should Rotate Tires Regularly

Tires don’t last forever, but you can extend their lifespan by rotating them regularly during auto maintenance sessions. As you drive, your tries wear down. To help your tires last longer and to ensure optimal control while driving, ask your auto technician to rotate your tires every 5000 to 7000 miles.

New Tires Go On the Back

While many drivers prefer to purchase four brand new tires all at once, this isn’t always necessary. If you do replace only one or two of your vehicle’s tires, make sure that the auto maintenance technician places the new tire(s) on the back. This will help you maintain better control in rain and snow. Most auto repair shops do this automatically.

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